CascadiaWeekly.com: Best of Skagit 2017 – BEST BAKERY: Farm to Market Bakery

Although tiny, the Bow-Edison area boasts a couple of excellent places to procure baked goods. The Breadfarm, which almost scored enough votes to notch a win in this competitive category, and the Farm to Market Bakery, which barely edged it out. The Farm to Market Bakery might be named for the road near which it […]

CascadeWeekly.com: Best of Skagit 2016 – BEST BAKERY: Farm to Market Bakery

Few things in life are better than waking up on a sunny Saturday and cruising down breathtakingly scenic Chuckanut Drive into the Skagit Valley and stopping at the Farm to Market Bakery for a sweet thing, cup of coffee and a little community commingling. Owned by Jim and Lisa Kowalski and next door to the […]