Cinnamon Rolls – Take & Back At Home

Farm to Market Bakery Cinnamon Roll Baking instructions

  • Pull Cinnamon Roll out of freezer and put into fridge the evening before baking
  • Pull Cinnamon Roll out of fridge 2 hrs before baking to proof
  • Preheat oven to 350°
  • Place the Cinnamon Roll on the counter until proofed (fill the pan)
  • Bake for 20-30 minutes until desired doneness
  • Cool for 5 min
  • 6 for $20 include cream cheese frosting
  • ENJOY! Best of Skagit 2017 – BEST BAKERY: Farm to Market Bakery

Although tiny, the Bow-Edison area boasts a couple of excellent places to procure baked goods. The Breadfarm, which almost scored enough votes to notch a win in this competitive category, and the Farm to Market Bakery, which barely edged it out. The Farm to Market Bakery might be named for the road near which it sits, but it also speaks to the ethos of this welcoming spot. Everything is homemade and most of it from local ingredients. While all of their offerings are delicious, the Pecan Sticky Rolls will make a true believer out of you.

Where: 5507 Chuckanut Dr., Bow Info: Best of Skagit 2016 – BEST BAKERY: Farm to Market Bakery

TheBakeryCardFew things in life are better than waking up on a sunny Saturday and cruising down breathtakingly scenic Chuckanut Drive into the Skagit Valley and stopping at the Farm to Market Bakery for a sweet thing, cup of coffee and a little community commingling. Owned by Jim and Lisa Kowalski and next door to the Rhododendron Cafe, which they also own, Farm to Market has a menu full of all of our favorites, made with local ingredients and done right. On the sweet side, the Triple Chocolate Pecan Brownies and their signature Lime-Soaked Polenta Cake will never do you wrong, but if you happen to be there early enough on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you could have the great good fortune of scoring a coveted and rare Pecan Sticky Bun, and then you’ll know you’re really living right.
Where: 5507 Chuckanut Drive, Bow

Bakery Locals beckon you to stop in for a cup of coffee!

photo 1

This bakery is getting a new Sandwich board, well not really. Its a wooden figure inviting you to slow down and stop in for a cup of coffee and piece of pie.

We’re Open and if you want to know whats who and where you better get to the bakery before 9:30 or there won’t be any coffee left.